Golden Shears Ireland Event Blog and Related Information


Things can certainly get a bit “wooley” when we talk about the Golden Shears events! Have you ever seen a sheep shearing contest? If you attend any number of county and state fairs, typically at the agricultural sections, you can find this activity. There was, however, a kind of a sad story of neglect a while back when, in Australia, a terribly overgrown sheep hadn’t had any care or interaction for 5 or 6 years.

Once the animal’s plight became known, they brought in a champion sheep shearer, and with the help of some mild sedation to help make the process more comfortable for the sheep, there wound up being a total of 80 pounds of wool. Poor little guy!

Fortunately, when the following video was made, they said the sheep was doing better, and was going to be available for adoption. Hopefully he will live out his days in a loving environment!