6 Steps To Get Out Of Heroin Addiction


Beating a heroin addiction is one of the most difficult challenges. However, many people have overcome this deadly addiction. While every addict’s story is different, they are several things that can be done to kick this habit. Here are 6 steps to get out of heroin addiction.

Step One: Precovery
The addiction researcher William White came up with the concept of pre-recovery. This step occurs before the person stops using heroin. Pre-recovery applies to any type of addiction. There is no time-frame for this step, but it includes becoming disillusioned with taking the drug and the lifestyle that surrounds addiction. Pre-recovery often begins with the idea that there is a better way to live your life.

Step Two: A Change in Attitude
No one can stop a heroin addict from using; this has to come from within themselves. This change in attitude is the physical manifestation of pre-recovery ideas. Think about what you have to gain from stopping. Those who wish to become free from heroin’s embrace must be determined to do so. Write down what you want out of your life and think about how being addicted has affected your hopes and dreams. Withdrawal from the drug can be physically and mentally challenging, so it is wise to have things written down that will inspire you when things get difficult.

Step Three: Deciding on a Treatment Plan
Most people cannot quit using heroin without professional help. Of course, there are always exceptions. However, there are specific physical and mental symptoms that will occur during detox that a treatment center is uniquely qualified to handle. Even if you have no financial resources or family members that can help, there are rehabilitation facilities that receive government funding that offer treatment at no charge.

Step Four: Attending Treatment
Whether you choose to attend a state-funded center, a faith-centered facility, or a private treatment program, you must be committed to getting clean. Follow all steps and seek out extra mental help if needed. Arrange for help once you leave the facility since it is likely that you will face temptation.

Step Five: Detox
Detox is part of treatment and often accomplished with the use of legal drugs that will help you with physical symptoms. Most treatment centers with offer counseling and sessions to help you move on with your life. Often those who work in these centers have been addicted in the past and know all about the pitfalls that can occur.

Step Six: Stay Sober
Staying sober is not often accomplished alone. Having a sponsor helps when you are tempted to use. You may also need to find other outlets for your energy, such as completing a service project or learning to meditate. You, too, can become a survivor.